About us

Geospatial Team is a small group of freelancers formed by specialists in aerospace imaging and geographic information systems in Moscow, January 2017. The founders are graduates of the faculty of Applied cosmonautics and photogrammetry of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. It is the leading Russian university on training such professionals.

Geospatial Team
Geospatial Team receives the award from the Minister for Open Government Affairs of Russia Mikhail Abyzov (the second left). We won a nomination in the third “Open data of the Russian Federation” contest. From left to right: Yaroslav Vasyunin, Mikhail Abyzov (Minister), Oleg Bulantsev, Vasily Lobanov, Aleksandr Orlovsky. Apr 28, 2018.

We work remotely with customers worldwide, helping to carry out projects on:

  • Processing and analysis of optical remote sensing data (visual and automated classification, change detection etc.)
  • Processing and analysis of radar remote sensing data (DEM extraction, differential interferometric analysis etc.)
  • Photogrammetry (image mosaicking, orthorectification, stereo vectorization etc.)
  • Making of web maps (with everything that lies behind—data, servers, databases, websites)
  • Developing of QGIS plugins
  • Developing and conducting training courses in GIS and remote sensing

As freelancers we are flexible and can adapt to your needs. We can work as an independent well organized team, or we can join your own team of developers. Depending on complexity of a project, you can hire either all of us, or just certain members. Anyway success of your project is the main goal for us.

Besides professional university education each of us got work experience outside the team in real business companies. Feel free to check LinkedIn profiles of our members.

Yaroslav Vasyunin
GIS/Earth Observation Specialist
Georgy Belokonev
Georgy Belokonev
GIS/Real Estate Cadastre Specialist
Vasily Lobanov
GIS/Earth Observation Specialist
Aleksandr Orlovsky
GIS/Earth Observation Specialist
Oleg Bulantsev
Cartographer/GIS Specialist
Sergei Zyubin
DevOps Engineer
Maps and space images are more than just work for us, we are really passionate about what we do. Our credo is "Together we can do better for clients than alone."